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Rachel Zoe returns for Season 2

The LA Times announced today that The Rachel Zoe Project will be returning for a second season.

The LA Times says:

Production has not yet begun, but expect new episodes of “Rachel Zoe,” produced by Original Media, to air in mid-2009.

No word yet on whether on-and-off-again rivals Brad and Taylor will be back, but as of October, when I last spoke to Zoe, both were still happily employed.

As much as it pained me to watch the show, I’d rather see Rachel Zoe return than a show like Stylista get renewed. Too bad they’re on competing networks and are both likely to come back in 2009. Maybe this season Rachel will actually use her knowledge for good and take some of those tips she offers on Piperlime and incorporate them into her show.


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Rachel Zoe: “Shut it down at the Oscars”

I’ll be honest. I absolutely adore Jennifer Garner. So, when I saw that tonight’s episode of The Rachel Zoe Project featured Rachel picking Jennifer Garner’s dress(es) I was just a little excited.

The Rachel Zoe Project

The Rachel Zoe Project

Too bad I had to sit through 4 minutes of the same clips before we even get to Jen. (Note to Bravo: yes, viewers do notice when you reuse clips because your “starlet” is, well, a broken record. Instead of cheating me of those five replayed minutes, show me something funny– like Taylor yelling at Brad. Or something.)

To me, the first fifteen minutes of a show makes or breaks whether or not I let the tivo “accidentally” fast forward past moments of the show, or, if I strategically sit there and zip past the commercials. Let’s break this week’s first fifteen down:

Whoa moment: Brad is 30? Really? Wow. I’m not sure if I expected him to be older or younger, but yeah. 30.
Tired moment: “The Fairy Princess” Oscar de la Renta final gown. We’ve heard Rachel order Brad to “get her that gown,” we’ve seen it on the Fashion Week episodes, and in all of Rachel’s flashbacks. We get it. You LOVE the OdlR show stopper gown. Yes, it’s gorgeous. Yes, the detail is fantastic, and yes Oscar KNOWS fashion and dresses. But seriously– let’s move on… please?
WTF: What is with this “Jerome” guy– Rodger’s assistant. He reminds me of Spencer Pratt or Brody Jenner– the lame filler that just wants some airtime. I wouldn’t be shocked if “Jerome” magically appears on the arm of a celebutard in the near future.
And the Oscar goes to: Taylor for her overly dramatic freak-out about Brad not having taken the garment bags out of the car. Yes, Taylor, we all know Brad works at a snail’s pace and sometimes isn’t the brightest, but give the kid a break. They’re garment bags.

Ahh, and that’s only 15 minutes in. Rachel Zoe’s saving grace? Another Jennifer Garner moment, where she’s her goofy, fantastic self. (Did I mention I adore Jennifer Garner?) Cue another moment of Rachel talking about how clients resist any dress she “pushes” so she switches to passive aggressive mode and pushes the “fairy dress”– again.

After watching this week, I’m becoming convinced that Rachel Zoe is the top stylist not because she has an exceptional talent (though she is talented and puts together some fresh outfits), but because she has all of the shops loan her nearly everything so no one else can have it. She’s the little girl at school with the crayons, drawing gorgeous vibrant pictures, while all the other children are forced to draw with the brown crayon.

Cut to Taylor pouting saying “the job comes first, being Rachel’s friend comes second,” juxtaposed with Rachel’s giggling and Taylor’s river of profanity, followed by Taylor storming out and Rachel completely oblivious to the world.

Throw away moments: Rodger “spoiling” Rachel, yet again, shopping for a vintage Porsche for Rachel. Yes, that’s a great idea– let’s spoil the spoiled. Taylor saying “I won’t ever leave Rachel because I have Jewish guilt, even though I’m not Jewish.”

All of this is followed by more pouting, more drama, more replayed clips. Brad saying he’s oblivious to Taylor being upset with him, Rachel giving in to Taylor’s tantrum, Taylor complaining about Brad not knowing how to do things that she never told him how to do, Brad screwing up, blah blah blah.

Rachel’s gotta learn how to “yell” at people– her lecture of Brad? Not really a “give ’em hell” speech. However, Brad still finds a way to burst into tears and into a bumbling mess. Ahh, he cracks, and Rachel cracks, and swallows her ego. Brad continues to cry. Yes, Brad. You should feel bad. You screwed up. Hardcore. And Rachel, way to go on throwing Taylor under the bus. And then? Brad quits through text. Then comes back Awesome.

Moral of the story, I’m keeping this episode on my tivo not because of Rachel Zoe’s “fabulous” personality and picks, but because Jen and Taylor stole the show. I guess you could say, Jen “shut it down”– but she’s the only one who delivered a semi-entertaining performance. (Let’s not pretend this isn’t acting). Favorite Jen moment? Her description of the “Fairy Dress”– “the nude color was just a little… nude color… for me.” Atta girl. Oh, and Taylor, your tantrum and non-apology apology was pretty good too.

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The Rachel Zoe Project: “Fashion The Cruel Mistress”

I’m not sure why I keep watching the Rachel Zoe Project. Perhaps it’s because she teases me with designers like Marc Jacobs (who I adore), or maybe it’s because I keep telling myself I’m going to turn one of the episodes into a drinking game, taking a drink each time she says “I die,” but whatever it is, I can’t stop watching and I wish I could. 

The Rachel Zoe Project

The Rachel Zoe Project

Each episode could easily be summed up into a ten minute snippet, but the editing team over at Bravo has the Rachel Zoe project broken down into a blue ribbon reality tv pie. 

Let’s check out the ingredients. 

Take one part Rachel “911” emergency meltdown and mix it with five minutes of bumbling Brad, gushing about how this isn’t how things worked when he interned at Vogue. Sprinkle in a few Taylor temper tantrums, snarky faces and a couple scenes with Rodger complaining about how much money Rachel spends on clothing. Simmer in gobs of couture dresses, Blackberry-s, and a few more diva moments, bake for an hour, and ta-da. Another Bravo creation. 

Each week takes viewers through another fashion emergency. Last week showcased some of the runway collections from New York Fashion week, including some gorgeous dresses by Donna Karan. But of course, no episode would be complete without a Rachel drama sandwich. The episode opens with Rachel sitting with Brad talking about a tabloid article that accuses Rachel of hawking drugs/horse pills. Pad the sndwich with Rachel gushing about how hard she works and how she’s constantly battling her public image, and then start to wrap it all up with a  vague reference to a NY Magazine article about Rachel and Marc Jacobs. 

Drama drama drama. We get it.

This week’s episode wasn’t much better. This week she continued her hunt for “the perfect Oscar dress” and continued passively promoting Joy Bryant, one of her clients who seems to do little more than stop by Zoe’s house/hotel, despite having a (somewhat) credible acting career. 

Brad as Rachel (photo from Bravo)

Brad as Rachel (photo from Bravo)

Brad managed to come through in a pinch, pulling pieces for Kate Hudson’s last minute trip to London while Rachel finished her rounds at the shows, and was also good for a laugh. Joey, Rachel’s make-up guru and Brad (I’m telling you, there’s a romance brewing there) coaxed a laugh out of Rachel’s permanently pouty face when Joey put extensions on Brad and added a fur coat and sunglasses to create a (more?) tranny version of Rachel while she prepared for the next show.

Honestly, my biggest complaint about the Rachel Zoe Project is that the show falls short of reaching its potential. Rachel talks about expanding her brand into “sunnies” and jeans, but fails to recognize that expanding her brand doesn’t just mean super-saturate the market. It means become relevant. By failing to translate the high fashion/stylist tips into useable tricks, Rachel remains nothing more than a novelty. Sure viewers get to catch a glimpse of Birkin bags and vintage Valentino dresses, but it doesn’t go beyond that. 

Rachel could easily make herself more relatable by taking a tip from Stacy London and Clinton Kelly– make it applicable to every body. I know part of Rachel’s lure is that she’s the end-all-be-all when it comes to stylists, but that only works if you have the bucks. In order for Rachel to make it mainstream (or at least snobby mainstream like Barney’s and Bloomingdale’s) she’s gotta share the “why” in addition to the “what.”

Taking two minutes more to explain why a mermaid dress looks better on Joy’s body instead of one with a ballerina silhouette adds value, thereby giving her staying power and market potential. 

I just hope someone clues Rachel in on this before her season ends and Bravo decides not to renew.

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