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Project Runway: Season 5 Finale

Another season, another winner… thank goodness this season the winner was Leanne! Her collection was fab (yes it was also a bit drab) and had amazing design details. Korto’s collection was also amazing– her use of color and texture was fantastic, but Heidi was right– some pieces were a bit overworked. And then there’s Kenley. Oh Kenley. Her collection was also great, but the use of rope was a little awkward in some places. Yes, I understand you are paying homage to your heritage, but really? Random tugboat rope? Not a fan favorite.

No matter what you think of the winner, or who you wanted to win, it’s easy to see that this season’s runway collections were pretty impressive. Each designer definitely brought their own voice to the table and created designs that were fantastic.

Here are some of my favorite moments:

  • Kenley’s face/expression when she saw Tim Gunn was the final guest judge
  • Michael Kors telling Leanne that fashion show emergencies happen all the time
  • Nina Garcia calling Kenley’s dress out as a Balenciaga look-alike
  • The judges praising Leanne for producing multiple types of garments– she’s no one trick pony

Sadly, this season won’t feature a recap show so we won’t get to see the designers “fake like” eachother. Oh well. E! Online posted a great follow-up interview with Korto about the season– I guess that will have to do!

Congratulations, Leanne! Can’t wait to see your collection in action!


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Project Runway Season Finale– TONIGHT!

I can’t even begin to express how excited I am about tonight’s Project Runway finale. We’re down to the final three, and although I’ve already seen their collections, I can’t wait to see what drama transpires.

In the previews it looks as though Kenley and crew are back to their old shenanigans– though I can’t say I fault them, as it is a lot of stress. Either way, it makes for good TV and an interesting finale.

While we all wait with bated breath, check out the video below of Nina talking to some of the designers as they present their collections at Bryant Park.

(Warning: if you don’t want to ruin the runway looks before tonight’s episode, don’t watch!)

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Project Runway: Finale Part I

Jerrell is gone and Kenley prevailed. So sad.

Left: Kenley; Right: McQueen

Fine, I admit it. Kenley’s wedding dress was pretty awesome, and yes, it definitely resembled the Alexander McQueen that Michael mentioned, but it showed that Kenley had some depth– something I seriously doubted.

Kenley’s version also showed how much she needs to grow as a designer. If you look at the McQueen, you can clearly see the difference between the two silhouettes– McQueen’s flaunts the model’s tiny waist, whereas Kenley’s simply makes her look engorged. It’s easy to tell that the models are already similar in size (yes, Kenley’s might actually eat a hamburger every so often, but the difference in size isn’t significant). Either way, it was a solid effort from Kenley and showed a lot of craftsmanship and appreciation for the body– even if the skirt did seem like a poodle skirt mated with a swan. What do you think? Is Kenley’s dress a total copy, or legit enough to prove that Kenley deserves her spot in the final three? People magazine currently has a poll up asking viewers if they think Kenley’s dress is too similar… 60% say yes, but I tend to lean towards “who cares.”

Back to Kenley’s efforts and collections. I’m shocked to say that so far, I’m intrigued by Kenley’s collection (and when I saw it in stills from this year’s Fashion Week, I was a little surprised she pulled it out), but I still don’t think she should win

Korto, oh, Korto. What were you thinking? Your wedding dress was blah, and your bridesmaid dress was even more lackluster that it was jarring. Where did your spunk go? Clearly Jerrell stole it, beaded it, and then added some tulle to it to create his monstrosities.

Leanne is the only contestant that truly deserves to win, as she’s show creativity (yes, she’s had similar design elements in all of her dresses, but they’ve been interesting), dedication, and a true eye for detail.

I can’t wait for this week’s finale, and to find out if Nina can say something positive to Kenley. I hope not. 🙂

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Project Runway: “Nature Calls”

What gives with last night’s episode of Project Runway? I had planned my night around singing “ding dong the witch is dead” when Kenley got the boot, but was livid to see that even after her scaly nightmare, the judges let her stay on.

For those of you who missed it, this week the contestants were asked to create evening dresses inspired by nature. Each of the submissions were lackluster and not really “final four” caliber, but Kenley’s was the worst. 

Heidi, Michael, and Nina– this is not what I wanted to see. I can’t even begin to describe how “over” Kenley I am. She’s rude, she’s obnoxious, and she’s just a crappy designer, but you guys leave her on the show. Yes, I know her temper tantrums make for good TV, but they don’t make for good fashion.

However, Jerell does. Yes, he needs to finish his work and polish it up, but how can you not find him totally adorable when he’s sitting in his apartment talking to a Tim Gunn bobble-head and fruit with faces. He’s endearing and has a wicked sense of style, and I hope he can pull it together for the win.

Korto and Leanne are also awesome, but each in their own ways– if Kenley beats either of them out of the top three spot, I might throw a pair of shoes at the TV.

Fine, Bravo, you win. You get to keep the nutcase in (personally, I think Stella would have been more interesting) until the end to boost your ratings, but don’t screw us over in the end by putting someone who doesn’t deserve it, in the final three.

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