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ANTM is Back– and So Am I!

This blog has been in hibernation (and, I may move it over to Tumblr or Posterous… TBD) but with a new season of ANTM on the air, it can only mean one thing: it’s time to talk Tyra and tragic model moments!

Before we dive right in, let’s take a moment to gasp at the fact that yes, we are on SEASON 16 (!?@!) of America’s Next Top Mode. Season. Sixteen. Oh. My. God. Don’t worry, you don’t have to admit how many seasons you’ve watched. And re-watched. No one ever needs to know.

With that being said, this season started up with Tyra trying to mix things up a bit– she nixed the idea of airing castings (gasp! The horror! How can we mock all of the potential hopefuls and get a taste for the girls who may or may not make it?) Instead, Tyra and team conned the 14 model-maybes into thinking they had been rejected and then quickly notified them that they, had, in fact, made it to the next round. For some reason, an old boy band song keeps playing in my head… I think the lyrics go, “quit playing games with my heart.”

Moving on.

The girls photo and runway challenge were lumped into one– they would have to take photos whilst preparing for their runway show. Sneaky, eh? But that wasn’t the most devious part of the show. In fact, the most devious (and, albeit, the most hilarious portion) was the runway creative.

For this episode, the girls were given the opportunity to walk in an Alexander Wang show (I know, right?) rocking Erin Wasson’s jewelry line (she’s the guest judge). But here’s the kicker. They’re walking on 12″ planks, on water– in giant bubbles filled with confetti.


Amazingly enough, out of 14 girls, only two fell. Missed the episode? Don’t worry, there’s video of the spills and thrills here.

All in all, the episode was a decent start to the season and, clearly shows Tyra trying to shake up the franchise just a bit (aside from the high-fashion prizes). It’s too soon to pick a favorite without the audition backstory, but I’m happy Andre Leon Talley is back for a second season!


Bonus: The episode also produced a classic Tyra line from the critique– one where you’re unsure as to whether or not its a compliment or a slap in the face: “This picture to me looks like a 19 year-old boy with makeup on, but that’s what I like about it.”

And, a ridiculous line from Nigel: “Nicole isn’t truly present in this shot. And the mouth is too tight it’s sort of like a cats bottom.” [puckers his face] Tyra: “A cat’s bottom? Nigel, how did you come up with a cat’s bottom?” Nigel: “I see cat’s bottom mouths all the time. People are like this” [puckers his face in a more dramatic way, as does Andre Leon Talley]


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What happened to Miss J?

Apologies a million times over for not posting in ages, but it’s been, needless to say, a bit hectic.

Andre Leon Talley

Andre Leon Talley

Naturally, I’ve been keeping up with the regulars, and the question/thing that stands out to me the most is ANTM and the introduction of Andre Leon Talley.

My god, is he a breath of fresh air on the show because for once, there’s someone on the panel with Tyra who can actually shut. her. up. and, she knows she can’t say a damn thing about it because that man is close to a fashion god. For heaven’s sake, he’s sat second fiddle to none other than THE Anna Wintour where Tyra may have merely just posed for her.

The man has talent, and Tyra knows it. He has flare, and, he has an eye for the avant garde.

So I wholly welcome him to the show. (And, I wonder how long he’ll be able to tolerate her antics. Only time will tell.)

But what I DO want to know is, where on earth did they hide my adorable Miss J?

While his pedantic and childish “growing-bowtie” antics were laughable, they were just that– laughable and endearing. This season, he’s only surfaced less than a handful of times, which is actually quite sad. It makes you wonder– did he finally tick of the great Miss Tyra?

According to the Press Release, Miss J is quoted saying, “After cycles of watching the girls not get it right, I thought they would benefit more from my high heels’ and hands-on approach than my sitting in a chair judging their photos.”

Nevertheless, the girls this season are just as catty as ever, with some donning massive eyebrows like Raina; some thinking they’re tougher than the rest, like Angelea; the full figured model like Alexandra; and then Krista, the girl with great bone structure.

Clockwise: Raina, Angelea, Alexandra, Krista

With just a few more weeks left, I’m hoping for a few more Miss J sightings, a couple more wild comments from Andre Leon Talley that snap Tyra in shape, and, a serious tweazing of the eyebrows for Raina.

We’ll see what ANTM brings. In the words of Tyra, I’m sure it will be “Fierce”– or not.

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Gai Mattiolo Arrested

Hey ANTM fans– remember the Season 10 episode where Whitney , Anya, Lauren, and Fatema met with Italian fashion designer, Gai Mattiolo and Anya won the challenge? Of course not.

But, if you do, you might be interested to know that Gai Mattiolo was arrested today for alleged bankruptcy fraud, says the Associated Press.

ROME – The Italian financial police say they have arrested fashion designer Gai Mattiolo on a charge of fraudulent bankruptcy.

Officer Stefano Catorci says Mattiolo was placed under house arrest in Rome early Friday for allegedly siphoning funds from his fashion house before declaring bankruptcy.

Catorci says another suspect was also arrested on the same charges. He did not give further details because the investigation was continuing. The Rome-based fashion house Gai Mattiolo declined comment.

Mattiolo was seen as a rising star of Italian fashion in the 1990s, when his sexy, over-the-top style, laden with gold and precious beading, wowed the upscale ladies from his native Rome. His fame soon spread to the Milan and Paris runways.

Looks like maybe ANTM is where designers go to have their collections, and, careers die. Let’s hope this isn’t a trend.

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Stylista: “Hidden Gems”

I’m jumping on the “Stylista” bandwagon a little late (ok, just a week) and my first impressions are “SERIOUSLY?” 

First thoughts after the first 10 minutes:

  • Most of these people have horrible personal style– why on earth would they be able to style for a magazine or someone else if they can’t even dress themselves? Those that do have some sense of style appear to be over-processed and “over-glossied.” Fashion is about adding your own personal flavor to your clothes– essentially wearing your personality on your sleeve; clearly no one filled these “stylistas” in. 
  • Fashion vocab– seriously, how do you NOT know what a “dart” is and you’re in the fashion world. Just wow. 
  • Dressing a mannequin is hard, but leaving one armless? Never an option. 
  • Elle closet? Yes please. I’d love if someone (who actually knows their stuff) would come to my house and fill my closet with all of those glorious goodies. 
  • This guy who is an “aspiring fashion designer” (Jason)– how do you not know ANY of the fashion elements? ANY? What have they taught you (or not taught you) in fashion school? Ugh. 

Megan is obviously the person who we’re supposed to “love to hate,” but to be honest, right now she can afford to be a little cocky since she seems to be the only person who knows anything about fashion at this point. 

Honestly, where did they find these people? When they hyped the show and said it was from the creators of Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model, it seemed like a shoe-in. Sadly, the casting agents seem to be clueless about fashion themselves. 

I will admit, I did enjoy learning about the “criteria” for an Elle Interiors Story– it’s always great to see the method behind the madness concerning the fashion world, and to know that everything has some sort of formula or inherent value. As far as the rest of the show goes? Slow, boring, and just blah. I found myself getting up and wandering around my house instead of paying attention to what was going on on screen. 

For pete’s sake, there wasn’t even a series of catchy phrases or overly dramatic catfights to really lure me in. The “diva” fight? So lame. “She’s the devil’s spawn. She’s Rosemary’s Baby.” Seriously? How can “reality” TV not get that right and find a way to COMPLETELY over-do the one thing you’re allowed to moderately over-do? It’s hard to believe that a show can be more forced and processed than ANTM, but somehow, Stylista takes the cake. Snooze. 

The only high “drama” point was when Jason (who later is visited by the EMT’s– not a high point– I’m not that mean– I sincerely hoped it was just a panic attack/anxiety attack, I digress,) was complaining about his rash and how he feels uncomfortable, and Ashlie says “you know, they love it when you persevere through that stuff.” Someone has watched her fair share of reality TV. On the bright side, Jason pulled through and sure enough, it was just an anxiety attack.

Moral of the story– I wish I had taken NY Mag’s advice and steered clear of Stylista as it’s definitely a fashion no-no– unless, of course, you’re home sick and have nothing else to watch on your TiVo.

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