What happened to Miss J?

May 12, 2010 at 12:32 pm Leave a comment

Apologies a million times over for not posting in ages, but it’s been, needless to say, a bit hectic.

Andre Leon Talley

Andre Leon Talley

Naturally, I’ve been keeping up with the regulars, and the question/thing that stands out to me the most is ANTM and the introduction of Andre Leon Talley.

My god, is he a breath of fresh air on the show because for once, there’s someone on the panel with Tyra who can actually shut. her. up. and, she knows she can’t say a damn thing about it because that man is close to a fashion god. For heaven’s sake, he’s sat second fiddle to none other than THE Anna Wintour where Tyra may have merely just posed for her.

The man has talent, and Tyra knows it. He has flare, and, he has an eye for the avant garde.

So I wholly welcome him to the show. (And, I wonder how long he’ll be able to tolerate her antics. Only time will tell.)

But what I DO want to know is, where on earth did they hide my adorable Miss J?

While his pedantic and childish “growing-bowtie” antics were laughable, they were just that– laughable and endearing. This season, he’s only surfaced less than a handful of times, which is actually quite sad. It makes you wonder– did he finally tick of the great Miss Tyra?

According to the Press Release, Miss J is quoted saying, “After cycles of watching the girls not get it right, I thought they would benefit more from my high heels’ and hands-on approach than my sitting in a chair judging their photos.”

Nevertheless, the girls this season are just as catty as ever, with some donning massive eyebrows like Raina; some thinking they’re tougher than the rest, like Angelea; the full figured model like Alexandra; and then Krista, the girl with great bone structure.

Clockwise: Raina, Angelea, Alexandra, Krista

With just a few more weeks left, I’m hoping for a few more Miss J sightings, a couple more wild comments from Andre Leon Talley that snap Tyra in shape, and, a serious tweazing of the eyebrows for Raina.

We’ll see what ANTM brings. In the words of Tyra, I’m sure it will be “Fierce”– or not.


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